GateJack® Gate Removal System

the GateJack® Tool
the Underbed Carrier
the Bed Access Ladder
the GateJack® Hangers

A MUST HAVE for all Stake Bed Trucks
This new tool was designed specifically for Stake-Bed trucks, and eliminates the
strenuous lifting of heavy gates. The GateJack® will not only help save your employees' backs, but
will also save costly gate repairs by allowing easy gate removal and providing safe storage for the gates.

and Safe!

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Eliminate Injuries...
Eliminate Property Damage...
Back Strain
Shoulder Strain
Fork Lift Damage
Missing Rungs and Slats
Body Damage
Latching Problems
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"During... my 28 years in the leasing industry,...
often the units return with very expensive
damage... caused by the stakes being removed
and leaned... this is a preventable problem...
'The GateJack Gate Removal System' will
absolutely, when used, prevent this... damage. It
would easily pay for itself with the return of just
one undamaged truck....I highly recommend the
use of this tool to prevent damage to the truck
body and gates of a stake-bed unit."

Charles "Sarge" Hill
Service Manager
Major Leasing Company