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We recently used the Hamilton Level for lighting pole installations at the Commons at Chino Hills, with very good results. This tool made our installation job much easier and simpler. In addition, by using this level, we noticed crooked anchor bolts that would have otherwise gone undetected. We were able to reposition the bolts before leveling the nuts, which means that we got a much truer level for the base of the pole. This method of pre-leveling with the Hamilton Level is much more efficient than use of a standard torpedo level.

We also saved a lot of time, especially since there was no need to go back and make additional adjustments after installation of the pole. My electricians really like this tool, and we will be using it on our future installation jobs.

Ron Thomas
Project Foreman
Hamilton Level provided Sunwest Electric with a new and faster way of leveling and plumbing our site pole lights, (Hamilton Level ) on the highly profiled Tesco-Fresh and Easy cold storage and processing plant. Their first in the U.S. This was a fast track project. The leveling plate allowed us to prepare the anchor bolts prior to installation. Once the poles were installed and conductors were made up. The task was completed , saving us numerous hours, by not having to go back and re-adjust the anchor bolts to plumb the pole lights. There was a total of 142 -25ft. pole lights, I estimate that over 15 man hours were saved by using the leveling plate.
Thank you for all your help .

Nick Rocha
Project Superintendant

CMV Electric
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Upland, CA 91786
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We used the Hamilton Level to install traffic signals at several intersections on Scott Rd in Menifee, CA. My chief installer, Alex Curiel, reported that the use of this tool made the job easier and quicker.  The most obvious benefit he noticed was the ease of setting the offset on each pole.  These poles have a cantilevered arm that requires an offset, and by using the new tool, Alex was able to predetermine and set these offsets prior to placing the pole on the base.  This eliminated the cumbersome step of readjusting the nuts while the pole is held by the boom.  The old method of achieving offset by using a torpedo level with the pole in place is time consuming, and at best haphazard.  This is a much better way.

James Snowden
Field Superintendant
I used this new level to install six traffic signal poles in Menifee, and I really liked using it.  It saved time on each installation, and made the job easier.  We were able to get our offset with the Hamilton Level before placing the pole with the boom.  There was no need for us to go back and readjust the nuts to plumb the pole.  I would definitely use this tool on future traffic signal pole installations, and I highly recommend it.

Alex Curiel

Champion Electric

After using the Hamilton Pole Base Level for the first time, I feel compelled to write you. Our job consisted of erecting 17 30' poles. As a result of using your level on the bolts, we stood all 17 poles perfectly plumb without having to adjust a single nut. On just our first job, this awesome tool save us many labor hours by not having to re-adjust the light poles. I am certain that the Hamilton Level will save Champion Electric thousands of dollars in a very short time.

Tad Strange

Baker Electric


When we stand multiple Light Poles on a project, the Hamilton Level saves us a couple minutes labor at each Pole. 

Jeff Manuel,
Offsite Fabrication Superintendent